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It is so well known for making skin soft and smooth that many stores sell paraffin wax baths for hands, elbows and feet.Hydrate and soothe your skin with hypoallergenic wax and gentle heat.

Paraffin wax is excellent and can leave your skin feeling smooth, unclogging or those pores and relieving pains.Paraffin melts at a low temperature, and so, hands, feet, and other parts of the body, can be dipped in melted paraffin wax, without the risk of burns or blisters.This oversized, commercial-grade bath allows for full wrist and ankle coverage.The temperature range tends to be anywhere above 100 degrees Fahrenheit, the approximate point.

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In this method, hot paraffin wax is applied to the skin, particularly on hands, feet, elbow, and ankles for the smoother skin.

For treatment of patients suffering from pain associated with arthritis, strains, sprains and joint stiffness.Paraffin hand and foot treatments are used in spas and salons to lock in moisture.All you need is the suitable paraffin wax baths to get started.The 5 Best Paraffin Baths Paraffin wax baths are commonly used to treat pain associated with joint inflammation, arthritis, bursitis and other types of chronic pain conditions.

The aromatherapy wax heats quickly, with adjustable temperature settings for comfortable use.

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Whether your practice is in Vancouver, Calgary, or Halifax, let us help you find the best type of paraffin wax supplies so you can get back to treating your patients.Paraffin wax treatment has been done for centuries to treat joint pains and to treat dry.Paraffin wax treatments are a luxurious treat that can help you achieve baby-soft skin.

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I imagine that the wax that comes with the kit has other ingredients in it other than pure wax.Thank you Rubytues x I may very well try that and see how I get on.Heaven USA Thermal Paraffin Wax Bath Salon Grade Skin Glow Hands Feet Skin Smoothener Spa Treatment Tub Pain Relief.A paraffin wax bath is a spa procedure that softens rough skin.Paraffin wax spas are recognized for the therapeutic relief they provide to those suffering from arthritis or common joint pain, but are also known to soften and soothe irritated skin.

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Are you looking to give your hands and feet some paraffin wax treatment.Paraffin wax is a petroleum-based wax that stores heat exceptionally well and has great hydrating effects on skin.The TherabathPRO Paraffin Hot Wax Bath automatically maintains a medically prescribed temperature and the energy-efficient design includes a safe-melt system for reliable 24-hour operation.I have never used the paraffin from the bath, we always used the paraffin wax sprays that you could throw away afterwards.Derived from petroleum, paraffin wax is in many things that each of us uses every day.Higher temperatures may burn your skin. 3. Wash the hand or foot being treated. 4. Before.

Paraffin wax bath is a deep heat therapy, which is beneficial for skin around hands.

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Great for extra-dry skin, the warm wax removes dead cells to help smooth hands, feet and elbows.Put three pounds of paraffin in the crock pot or paraffin bath. 2. When the paraffin is melted, let it cool to 125 degrees F.A gauze mask is used to cover the face, and then warm paraffin wax is brushed over it.

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Buy products such as Conair True Glow Heated Wax Refill, 1 lb at Walmart and save.

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Deliver fast, temporary relief from joint pain and aches with warm paraffin services.Also, many people who suffer from arthritis, bursitis, tendonitis and strains find relief with paraffin baths.They may dip their hand or foot into the wax additional times to build up thick layers of wax.The hands and feet would then be wrapped in plastic (or some other type of non absorbent material).

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A paraffin wax treatment or paraffin bath is a treatment in which the patient immerses their hands or feet in liquid paraffin that has been heated to a high temperature.

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We dip your feet in warm, soft, Paraffin wax for a few dips, wrap them in plastic bags, then wrap them in a towel, leave you relaxing under a soft blanket while listening to some music.Once the treatment is complete, the wax is peeled off and the area is then ready for massage, stretching, exercise, or additional therapeutic measures.Fortunately, our product works in existing warmers and with existing accessories.You might have heard about the paraffin wax treatment in spas.